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Myanmar Marble Project in Brief




Myanmar has been considered the remaining "golden land" of the SouthEast Asia, which is abundant in the natural resources for commercial exploitation and mining is significant as a large-scale industry.

            Being directly supported from Vietnam Government and Myanmar Government, SIMCO SONG DA JSC {since 2000}, one of the recent foreign investors in Myanmar, has been investing its 100% investment capital including the equity and bank loan in the mining sector in Myanmar.

As a result, Nayputaung quarry, Taunggok township, Rakhine state is the place where its investment project has been developed on large-scale.

Upon getting (1) Certification on overseas investment issued by Ministry of Planning and Investment of Vietnam; (2) Myanmar Investment Commission (MIC) permit issued by Myanmar Investment Commission; (3) Mining permit on large scale issued by Ministry of Mines of Myanmar; (4) Certificate of incorporation of MYANMAR SIMCO SONG DA JS Co.,Ltd issued by Ministry of National Planning and Economic Development of Myanmar; and (5) Export license issued by Ministry of Commerce of Myanmar, SIMCO SONG DA JSC established MYSICO {Myanmar SIMCO Song Da Joint Stock Company Limited} - an economic organization for its mining, mineral processing and marketing in Myanmar.

For the location, Nayputaung deposit is situated in Thandwe district, Rakhine state, approximate 450 km from Yangon by the national road towards the North West. It’s approximate 3.2 km (equivalent to 2 miles) from the national road to access to the quarry. The area of the deposit including the essential road permitted is 2.37 square kilometers (equivalent to 237 ha or 585.72 acres).

For the geology, Indo-Burman ranges or Western Fold Belt is mainly composed of Eocene age Flysch. Along Pyi-Taunggok road generally known as Taunggok Pass Road, at 2 miles south of mile-post 70/4, Allochthonous Upper Cretaceous Lithographic limestone (recognized or exotic block as it is the material forming rocks which have been transported to the site of deposition. Nayputaung marble deposit is older than the underlying Flysch, which is mainly composed of shale, clay, sandstone and siltstone, the primary sedimentation region of which was probably located at the eastern edge of the Indo-Burman Ranges.

For the ore reserve, Nayputaung marble deposit measures approximately 914 meters (3000ft) long, 457 meters (1500ft) wide and 244 meters (800ft) high. Assuming a height of 76 meters (250ft) and specific gravity value of 2.74, the reserve was calculated by Myanmar Ceramic Industries (MCI) to be 87 million tons of marble, whereas the reserve would be 34 million tons (equivalent to 13 million cubic meters) by applying a recovery factor of 40%. Greater recoverable ore reserve is expected considering the full height of deposit which could be extracted during the course of production.

For the marble quality:

-       Hardness: 3,5-4 Moh;

-       Stable composition, homogeneous colours;

-       Basically, Nayputaung marble seldom has deuteromorphic, slake, and low systematic density of cracks; the recovery ratio is high.

  •      Chemical compositions:

-        CaO: 49,56%                             MgO: 0,76%

-        SiO2: 6,01%                              Al2O3: 1,51                           Fe2O3: 1,12%

  • Physical – mechanical compositions:

-         Hardness (Moh): 3,5               Abration ratio: 7,8%

-         Density: 2,7g/cm3                  Hygroscopic ratio: 0,25%

-         Porpsity Ratio: 0,74%             Restrain intensity: 682,5kg/cm2

Nayputaung marble has 3 major colours: dark grey, light grey and brown chocolate. Nayputaung marble samples have been displayed at Yangon Gems Museum in Myanmar for ages.

Currently SIMCO SONG DA JSC has been applying its most modern techiques for the manufacturing of the downstream marble products in accordance with the internationally accepted mining standards and engineering practices for the similar quarry and marble product manufacturing industry.

During the course of the project, the production volume for its commercial production is no less than 30,000 mfor its annual production of the marble blocks and no less than 100,000 mfor its annual production of the marble slabs.

Last but not least, on account of its security of the deposit size, proven quality with regards to the physical properties such as coulors, texture, hardness ... Nayputaung marble products have more and more buyers and valued customers./.